This is my proposal for the new campus of Ghetto Film School. Within the urban fabric of Historic DTLA, My building looks to deviate and pop from the environment surrounding it in both a structural and visual sense.
I first began with exploring infinitely expanding geometric profiles, that when shifted and oriented in a particular way, creates a pleasing aesthetic figure of mass and void on all levels. The stacking of these figural flowing pieces make unique interior and exterior spaces and a clear division between private and public space
 A screening room and soundstage are located on either side of the 2 connecting masses on opposite spectrums of the site. The configuration of my proposal generates a striking contrast to the surrounding environment and provides a much needed flow to the surrounding site.
This form creates its own circulation, where every space is accessible and connected and entrances are located throughout the site with the steps being wrapped around the building. The big roof aesthetic of my proposal creates a distinct void where the center of most buildings would occupy are now on the edge and allows for a centered outdoor space for students and visitors.
 The integration of my razzle dazzle texture was derived from a texture that was actually known as camouflage. The texture is used to blend the form of the building onto itself and also serve to help the building pop.
The creation of the void spaces from the curved structures serve as open spaces, some as balconies overlooking the building and the main one being the courtyard space right in the middle of the site to be used as a space for graduation, outdoor screening space and open
recreation space.

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